Happiness, it's what the Disney Corporation aim to sell to us but it's right there for free every single day if we want it. And it's there in bucket loads at weddings. Us photographers get to witness it week in, week out and I believe that it is part of our skill set to spot it at weddings and reflect it back to the people who were there. It's not about right place, right time, it's about actively joining in with the wedding, having a presence there and being the filter for these moments.

One photographer that seems to do this better than most is Hannah Millard from Camera Hannah. She may well have some extra capacity for joy and when I think of her images I think of colour, emotion, belly laughs and good old fashioned happiness. This one image scoops all that up and throws it in our faces, what a treasure for these girls to have. This one image that shows their love and friendship plus all that wedding day fun. It may look simple but it's very, very clever.