Do you ever feel like you are not quite getting the right clients for you? That you don't connect with them as much as you would like to or that they book you just because they need a photographer, like they need a cake, a car etc etc? Well one photographer who seems to get the coolest clients is Lisa from Lisa Jane Photography. And I'm pretty sure this is down to how much effort she puts into client relationships and their experience with her.

Now this couple could not be any cooler.. oh hold on throw an owl into the mix and they are! This image is utterly incredible.. 'Just us on our wedding day with a mother f**king owl.' It's nonchalance is what makes it extraordinary and is it just me or does that groom have exactly the same expression as the owl? Lisa will be talking about her clients and how she connects with them at FarmShop and we can't wait to hear what she has to say.