This is such an incredible time in the industry. It has never been so creative and we in the UK have never had more choice when it comes to workshops, conferences and online education in wedding photography. I feel like that slight Autumnal crispness in the air indicates the changing of the seasons and the slowing down of shooting weddings and looking again at the inspiration and business side of it all. Because I believe that the experience of learning from those in your industry that you admire is utterly invaluable, I keep offering you Farm events.

So I was looking through this wonderful blog post from the hugely talented photographer Emilie White and thinking I can see that she took a lot from Samm Blake's workshop with us at Farm but she has also brought quite a bit of her own technique. There is no denying that this is one seriously cool wedding and stunning couple but Emilie really gives us both a sense of what the day was like plus she gives us a great sense of what a cool city London is. So as New York is the backdrop to so many of Samm's iconic images then London is for Emilie with beautiful images like this.