Phew.. have you seen FarmShop yet? We've quite literally been busting our asses here getting that together. It launched yesterday and so far, it seems that you are totally on board with where we are going with it. So Yay! And of course that also means that we may be looking at quite a few new Farmers joining us.. as if this wasn't already hard enough to judge! So anyway.. back to business with this week's winning image and we think you will love this one.

When I saw this wonderful shot from Naomi Jane Photography, it just reminded me of how weddings can be fun and whimsical and that going off to have your portraits done doesn't have to be just one more thing that you have to do on your wedding day. It can be one of your favourite parts of the day and together with your very excellent photographer, you can create something really cool and iconic that you can't wait to get up on one of your walls at home. I just adore this shot and I'll bet the couple do too.