August, it's often a tough month for wedding photographers. It can be the busiest for shooting but if you have kids, then you will know how it feels to have them off school and have a ton of work to do. I feel like lots of us go into 'survival mode'. But many photographers thrive and my feed is very busy with some incredible sneak peeks and links to blog posts. One photographer that always seems to be busy and seems to love life is the wonderful Binky Nixon. I first met Binky quite a few years back at an event for Queensberry Albums and have adored her work ever since. Her images are always bursting with love and she has a terrific eye for seeing those natural moments of genuine emotion. 

This image totally sums up her work for me, it is super charged with sentiment. I have no idea what the back story is but the more I look at it, the more I'm drawn into all the different expressions. Obviously there is the bride, the focus for any wedding day and that intense reaction to seeing whoever it is as she walks down the aisle. But there is the stoic expression of (I'm assuming) her Dad, the little girl just wowed by the pretty dress, the other guests look like they are aware that they are intruding on a moment and have mostly put the phones down as if they know this is too deep for a phone shot. Then that magic little ping of light from someone's camera at the back. So much in this one shot, it is utterly incredible.