The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a lack of winning image last week. I was on holiday.. an actual holiday with no computers or online access. In fact we didn't even have electricity as we stayed in a safari tent but it was utterly glorious and I feel energised by the rest and by getting back to basics. So there will be two winners this week starting with this simple heart warming image from Nikki Cooper Photography. Sometimes great wedding photography isn't about great technique but about great moments and having the skills to make sure you are watching out for them.

We see very few images of a couple leaving their wedding these days as they tend to still be partying hard when the photographer leaves. I think I've only ever shot two or three in my career and yet they are just the most romantic thing ever. The idea that the couple are heading off on honeymoon and their new life, the tin cans or the Just Married sign on the back of the car. This shot is utterly adorable, her looking back at her fiends and family with a heart full of joy and him checking out the horseshoe (I have a great fondness for a horseshoe at a wedding) before starting the car. Nikki excels at emotionally charged documentary images and I think this one is a corker.