Look, I know it's crazy season and you are stressed to the max right now but let's not forget our main role as a wedding photographer is to do a great job for our clients. It's not our main role to be clever, to show off our skills or to dictate to our clients. Sure you can offer guidance and if you have time, you can experiment with creative photography but our primary role is to produce beautiful images of weddings days. And it's a huge part of your skill set to be the one that orchestrates this above and beyond all else. So you have to be actively involved in the running of a wedding day and the timings for photography and you HAVE to take some control when it comes to groups.

I don't know many photographers who would say groups are their favourite part of a wedding but when it comes to bridal party shots I do like to come up with something more creative than the family groups. There is something appealing in the aesthetic of groups of people dressed in a similar way that reminds me of band photos and I love to see how other photographers go about them. I utterly adore this bride and bridesmaids composition from the talented Dale Weeks, it reminds me of Julia Margaret Cameron's images. The subjects' elegance is enough to intrigue the viewer so Dale was spot on to keep this classical but with a slightly edgy twist.