It isn't often that I get to be a guest at a wedding but I was last weekend and I loved it so much. Guilt free snacking on the canapés, actually drinking the Prosecco and catching up with old friends from all over the world. It was a wonderful wedding that lasted all weekend and when we got home, the images started to come through on Facebook. I took hardly any but pretty quickly other guest shots filter through and while it is nice to see them I was soon itching to see some official ones from their photographer and the ones I think we want to see the most are the Couple Portraits. We don't get to witness those happen on the day and we want to see some pretty pictures of the couple we have all come together to celebrate.

So this week I've been giving this process a lot of thought and I've been looking extra closely at the images that Farmers have been posting as sneak peeks from their recent weddings. Of course as a guest, you know exactly what the couple looked like on the day, you may even have taken your own snaps of them so you want to see something extra from the professional photographer's images. And I think this image with all it's pathos and drama is a terrific example. This couple just look bloody cool and it's captured a dramatic mood created in isolation away from their wedding celebrations. It's by Millie Benbow Photography who never fails to impress me with their ability to induce serenity in their portraits and to never take an obvious route.