Well this makes my heart swell.. Farmers shooting Farmer's weddings. Who knew way back in 2010 when I offered my first workshops that this far on, not only would it all have grown this much but we'd also have this wonderful little community of like minded photographers? It's the part of it all that makes me most proud and I'm super chuffed to play a part in making these connections happen. So to this week's winning image. 

I feel like Lisa Jane and Philippa James are both founding Farmers, they have both been a part of Farm since the early days and although we may only be in a room with people a few times, we have those online spaces that let us all stay connected. So I was thrilled that Philippa chose Lisa to shoot her wedding and I was very impatient to see some images. So here is the first sneak peek and it's utterly gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest now!