In a week that has seen a lot of violence and politics across the world, it is such a lovely thing to reflect on just how glorious wedding days are. They bring us together, they celebrate love and life and family and friendship in a way that other days don't. And wedding photographers have the very wonderful privilege of recording that celebration, so on the ordinary days we can look at those images and remind ourselves just how good life is.

And so this week, I was searching for an image that would sum that feeling up for Image of the week. And of course I didn't have to look far as Farmers have been posting so many beautiful images from weddings. However this is the one that sums it all up for me.. those moments of complete and utter joy that come on the day you marry your true love and celebrate with one heck of a party. Well done Alexa Loy for producing such an insanely uplifting and happy image.