Engagement shoots, do you do them? I love shooting them and I love seeing what other photographers come up with at them. I think that we can use them as a creative exercise to keep us inspired and experimenting. And of course you can have control over where and when they are so you can aim to get the best light. However on the day of this shoot, French photographer Baptiste Dulac faced quite challenging rainy weather but his couple didn't mind so they kept shooting.

Right at the end of the session he was rewarded with this chink of super pretty light et voila! He created this incredible silhouette shot. It is a testament to both his creative eye and the trust his clients have in him. My French isn't great but I can see from Baptiste's Facebook that the couple adore the image so it was worth braving the rain. They might not have been keen to stay out if it was a wedding day but these shoots are also terrific to build your portfolio and show what can be achieved.