Some weeks this is a killer to judge a sthere are some really strong images being posted. It's a dicsussion we have been having in our Facebook group this week as well but sometimes you are just totally rocking your photography mojo and I feel for sure that is what is happening here. Every time I think I know Neil Thomas Douglas's style, he goes and mixes it up with something fresh. He really is becoming one of the UK's biggest innovators in wedding photography and you see that illustrated perfectly here.

This image isn't relying on soft evening light, it's 4pm harsh light handled exceptionally well. It's not relying on connection and emotion, the couple are nowhere near each other and yet the relationship is there by implication. This image is all about great art direction and that is why it feels like a movie still. By employing cinematic technique, Neil is telling their story in a frame and intriguing the viewer into wanting to see the whole movie. This is wedding photography at a whole other level, can you tell how blown away I am?