Phew, we made it to the last Image of the Week for this year and of course we needed to end with a bang. In our Facebook Group this week we have been talking about not getting set in your ways and relying on your safe shots that you know work most times. Like cooking the same dishes over and over, it's easy to get stuck in your ways but much more rewarding to try a new recipe and discover a great new dish/pose/shot/way of shooting. This made more sense in the group! But anyway, we have all been sharing our shots where we stepped outside of comfort zones and every single one has been outstanding. 

I could easily have chosen any of the images posted in the thread but this one from Jill Evans really knocked my socks off. It shows what wonderful images can be achieved when you don't panic, you make the best of the situation and the surroundings and you embrace the previously unknown. I just adore shots like this that not only sum up a couple's love for each other but also the atmosphere of their party and the big old celebration of all that they are. This is a very apt way to end an incredible year of work from the Farmers. This year's judging is going to be very difficult!