Farmers Image of the Week #151

[W]ell this is a first! This week’s winning image from Marc Bowker at One Big Picture was actually taken on our Elements workshop last week. An image from one of our classes has not won before but I really like what Marc has achieved here. The class was taught by both me and Neil Thomas Douglas and we took turns to shoot our couple ~ fellow Farmer Euan and his soon to be wife Cat. Marc has grabbed this shot from a set up that I created but he took a totally different angle to me.

It’s actually quite hard to shoot in front of a class but one of the subjects that we focus on is not to panic shoot, to try as much as you can to step back and see possible shots and to build natural moments of connection. When you have 8 photographers shooting one scene it can be utterly fascinating to see how we all interpret it and what I love here is that Marc has created some added drama by having Euan completely in shadow. I’m super excited for our last two Elements of this Spring now in Birmingham and London!