Wedding photography has probably never been as creative as it is right now and there are a few names that are leading the way in experimental imaging at weddings. Sam Hurd is definitely one of those and we have been very lucky that he has taught a few workshops for us at Farm. Sam is as inspiring as an educator as he is in his photography and when he taught a residential class with us last summer, he sent away some very fired up attendees.

One of those attendees was the brilliant Norwegian photographer Erik Halvorsen. And following his work since that class, I can see lots of creative technique as well as great energy in his images. So this week, I have chosen this photo for its playfulness and because I can't quite figure out what it even is. Is this a multiple exposure, something on the lens or have the dots been added in post? Who knows but it looks ace all the same.

By the way, Sam Hurd is returning to Photography Farm this summer to teach a two day/two night workshop.