There are some exceptionally talented photographers in Farmers including some that haven't won Image of the Week yet. And that isn't because they are not good, it's even kind of the opposite. I feel like there are some photographers who produce consistently high calibre work and that actually means that individual images don't stand out as much. Does that make sense? One of those photographers for me is Dale Weeks. Dale's portfolio is bursting full of joyous moments captured and gorgeous portraits.

If Image of the Week encourages one thing, it's that the Farmers post sneak peeks on their social media and I think the point of those little previews is to get us excited to see more images from a wedding or a shoot. And I can't wait to see some more from this wedding.. Dale is pretty stylish and so are his clients but this couple take it to a whole other level. the drama of the venue, her incredible dress, his swag and I'll bet that Dale has done a wonderful job in capturing it all.