We have been at Photography Farm all last week for our annual Farm Week, five days of intense workshops from some of the finest photographers in the world. It's a deeply inspiring thing to do at the beginning of the year and I feel it reboots my creativity every time. It also means an influx of new people to our group and so I'm looking forward to following some new people and seeing work from new places. We had attendees from Russia, the US and all over Europe. But for this week's winning image, we return to Scotland with one of our incredibly talented Farmers Nikki Leadbetter.

I'm so jealous of all those glorious outdoor ceremonies that the Scots are allowed to have and of course their wonderful landscape. You really should go and have a look at all the images from this wedding, it looks like it was a gorgeous day and Nikki has some truly beautiful couple shots. However there is something about this one that really appeals to me. I think it's the bare feet on the rocks that give it a sense of reckless abandon and the juxtaposition of bridal in a seascape is really terrific. This makes me want to shoot in Scotland.