Ever shot a photographer's wedding? How about a wedding photographer? At my last wedding, the Bride is a wedding photographer Lel Hurst and so it was a huge honour to shoot her wedding. And as she also second shoots for Adam, he volunteered himself to shoot with me. I always say that Adam and I are photography opposites. He is Nikon, Flash, F8 and I'm Canon, Available Light and F2. So it was always going to be interesting to see what he would come up with.

Thanks to Brighton traffic, our one hour portrait slot got reduced to just 15 minutes so although we had some terrific beach shots, there was still scope to produce some more. So Adam took Lel and John outside to the hotel terrace and grabbed this terrific shot with a reflection in the table and the festoon lights. It's fascinating to see what other photographers come up with in the same space as you and this shot is ace. I'm pretty sure it's F2 with available light.