As 2015 comes to an end, the Farmers are busy posting their end of year round ups and preparing for the year ahead by refreshing websites and implementing marketing plans. Some, like Rebecca Douglas are being recognised on a grand scale for their work, she has images in the I Am Nikon 2015 film. And some of them are still busy shooting, like Neil Thomas Douglas and I'm always astounded by how he maintains his creativity whilst doing so many weddings. He is equally on his game in the lakes and mountains as he is in an urban environment.

This image would probably still have been strong if shot straight. The contrast between the modern architecture of the station entrance with the older buildings around it, the artificial light with the fading daylight, plus the wedding couple dropped into an ordinary urban scene is intriguing. However by adding in the reflection, everything is doubled, everything is intensified, the couple become enclosed in a globe, like their very own bubble that excludes the rest of the world. We feel like the other characters can not even see them, let alone intrude on them. It's a very clever and beguiling image.