Like many of you, I've been getting ready for the festive season and I'm looking forward to having a house full of merry makers. But I have one last day in the office first and of course posting Image of the Week is one of my favourite things to do. The Farmers have been catching up on blogging and those end of year round up posts are starting to appear so there are so many incredible images to choose from. However, there is something about this image from Miss Gen

that really drew me in. I think it's the layers of activity, the perfect timing and that beautiful light illuminating the bride. It records that almost overwhelming feeling that this is about to happen, everything is in place, she just needs to take a deep breath, compose herself and it's showtime. The framing adds to the sense that we are intruders on her private thoughts. There is both activity and stillness all within the one capture. It's utterly stunning.