Winter weddings.. how do you feel about them? Love them or hate them? Well I kind of love them, the sun sets early so you often get some gorgeous warm light for your couple shoot or even if you get bad weather, it sure does clear the streets, meaning you get places all to yourselves. Some of our Farmers even relish the winter as they get to show off some of their skills with lighting. (Thanks to Adam's awesome flash teaching skills!) And this week's winner by a mile is Alexa Clarke-Kent with this incredible couple shot involving smoke and Off Camera Flash.

While other photographers might have been using the excuse that it is now dark to stay nice and warm inside, Alexa planned and set up this shoot and then persuaded the couple to go outside to execute it. I've seen lots of shots now that are back lit with OCF but what makes this one stand out is that Alexa hasn't just got carried away with how clever she is with lighting it, but she has also remembered to wait until the couple are very connected and they look gorgeous. Above everything else you shoot for the client and this pair must be utterly thrilled that they choose Alexa.