It's been miserable outside for the last few days... you know when you want to curl up beside a fire with a big mug of tea and forget work for the day. Sadly I'm chained to my desk though so that's not going to happen anytime soon. So I'm making do with the tea and trying to persuade the cat to sleep on my feet and keep them warm. So when this gorgeous fresh, summery, cheery image from Lucy Little Photography appeared in my feed, it really brightened my day. 

This couple are undeniably cool and I adore her flowers... florists everywhere seemed to have really upped their game this year but what I love most about this image is how abandoned and in the moment this bride looks. She obviously has a great rapport with Lucy too and that relationship that has built between them in the process of the wedding really shines through. I love images like this that are just sheer joy in a frame. Utterly gorgeous.