What would you do if the Bride & Groom were up for getting all dressed up in their wedding outfits and going for another shoot after the wedding day? Well Christine McNally had this opportunity recently and she took the couple around some iconic Glasgow locations that they simply didn't have time to get to on the wedding day. In the US it is common practice to do a shoot like this before the wedding, so the portraits are not rushed and can be timed for the best light, not to fit in between the confetti and the dinner.

The series of images that Christine produced from the session are fun, romantic and embrace the city. Having the time and space to build a rapport and find the best light has really injected a lot into these and the couple must be thrilled that they made the effort. This particular shot stands out for that gorgeous pool of light that embraces them. Stations often have great light but isolating a couple from all the activity around them isn't always easy, so I love this photo.