Around about this time of year, a lot of us start to look at our work and think about how we want to move forward. So I offer portfolio reviews to help photographers curate their own work and think about how to present their strengths. This morning, I did done with the lovely Alexa Loy and looking through her images, it's clear that she is very strong at shooting the myriad of emotions that we go through on a wedding day. Which is why I have selected this photo for Image of the Week.

Getting married is crazy, it's so many emotions all in one day but above all, it should be this.. sheer unadulterated joy, leap in the air happiness. Alexa told me that this was a spontaneous moment, that she happened to capture but it is a huge part of our skill set to precipitate these moments and be ready to capture them while still thinking of composition, narrative and exposure. I'd be very happy to have an image like this in my portfolio.