Is it just me or are engagement shoots on the wane? Couples seem less keen to do them, however I love them and encourage as many clients as possible to have one. I've been reminded of why I love them so much on my last few weddings as they were with couples who didn't have one with me. I do find it slightly harder to get natural, relaxed couple shots with strangers. If we have shot before, it's just quicker, we have a process. And from their point of view I think it's wonderful to have shots of the two of them from a different day to the wedding.

Which brings me to this shot from Neil Thomas Douglas. How glad must this couple be that they had a shoot with him away from their wedding day? This is a glorious image both in terms of a landscape shot and as a couple shot. That sky! That Light hitting them! It's stunning. I hope they get a huge print done of this. Neil shoots 50 weddings a year so finding time to do these shoots as well, must be tough but I'm sure we'll find out about his brilliant time management at his class at Farm Week. Book/Shoot/Survive