I swear, I love bridal prep so much! A hell of a lot of us put something net over our heads as little girls and pretended to be a bride and that little girl often grows up to have her day as a bride. I love all the nervous energy, the pulling of everything together for the outfit and the magic when it's all on and you are ready to go get married. I love the chaos, I love the calm, I love the frantic and I love the serene. So I always put loads of images from bridal prep on my blog.. OK maybe too many. 

And of course, I love seeing these images done by other photographers. I think they present so much creative opportunity. Do you stand back and take it a whole scene or shoot close for smaller details. What I adore about this shot from Lisa Devine is there is so much to the scene~ you can see the frenzy that it took to get ready, the discarded towels, the almost finished champagne. And there, beautifully framed by that door is the bride doing her finishing touches and looking utterly knock out.