Sssssshhhhhh, don't tell anyone but I'm actually off on my summer holidays. I know, shocking ~ a wedding photographer taking time off in August but now that my kids are at school it's the only way. But I'm still keeping an eye on what the Farmers are up to and they are creating some epic wedding images. It can be hard mid season to keep up the creativity, especially if you are shooting a lot. You can even feel like you are coasting, just getting through rather than pushing the creativity. So my advice is that if you start to feel like that, set yourself a challenge. Whatever the parts of the day that you are getting lazy at... prep, details, candids, portraits, then address that part in a fresh way at your next wedding. Try not to fall into just going through the motions at this time of year.

So looking through the Farmers' blog posts and sneak peeks this week, one photographer that is definitely not going through the motions is Millie Benbow. Despite shooting a lot of weddings in her first summer as a full time wedding photographer, I'm still seeing epic sneak peeks and brilliant compositions. It can be really tough keeping on top of social media, blogging and general workflow. But always pushing yourself and taking time to really analyse your work, then look at what you could do better will keep you from becoming a little stale or perfunctory in your work. I love this frame ~ it's grand in scale but clean and still packs a punch on the story telling.