What a week for the weather here in the UK. Last weekend saw relentless rain in quite a few places and it got me to thinking about the trend for outdoor, festival weddings and how photographers have to be prepared to not only cope but be extra creative when the weather just doesn't play ball. It is easier to take decent images in good light with a happy co-operative couple but showing us how creative you are with bad light or adverse weather is much more impressive.

One of the keys to still getting killer images is preparing your couples way ahead of the wedding day. They need to trust you and emotionally invest in you. They need to be excited about what you will come up with at their wedding and be fans of you and your work. One UK photographer that has this in bucketloads is Sassy from Assassynation. This rainy wedding day just pushed her to be more imaginative and her couple to be more daring. The result takes your breath away.