Today we are at Farm where Sam Hurd is utterly blowing our minds with his Epic Workshop. I wish you were all here, it is just so crazy inspiring. Yesterday was all about shooting and today is workflow and business. Funny thing is that I haven't attended many workshops just as a punter but I can't imagine that many would be better than this one. Seeing how Sam creates his epic images reminds me os what I'm looking for with Image of the Week. Just extraordinary photos.

So I've just looked through the feed of Farmers images from this week and although there are lots of good photos, this is the one that really grabbed me. Hugs are actually harder to shoot that you might think! We don't tend to do them 'photogenically', so I always like to see a good image of bloody good hug. I adore this image from one of our Irish Farmers Kat Mervyn, the romance of the roses, the connection, the colours and this beautiful hug.