We encourage the Farmers to carry out personal projects and indeed have a category in the awards for it. It's good to set yourself personal challenges and see where they take you. They can help keep you inspired for your commissioned work and also show off your creative obsessions. In this case, Alexa Clarke-Kent has created a separate site for her non wedding work and she has been combining her love of diving with developing her underwater photography. 

This shows a lot of dedication. Not only has Alexa invested in the equipment to make this possible, she has also invested the time in practising and finding models. The story of how this series of images came about is very charming and you read it on her blog. There you can also see the full series, which is all very beautiful but my favourite is this one. It's the kind of image that stops you and makes you have to think. Incredible work Alexa and I for one am looking forward to seeing where else this adventure takes you.