There are so many incredible images coming in from Farmers right now. As the group grows and the photographers in there become more experienced and more creative, I am incredibly impressed by their work and very proud to be a part of this supportive community. Our philosophy at Farm is to teach how to have a client focused business and to be creative but always reflecting the couple's emotions and feelings for each other. Being a successful wedding photographer shouldn't just be about 

 showing how clever you are or how technical you can be. It should always be about the clients. And this is what is summed up in this gorgeous image from the very lovely Alexa Loy. This shows the setting, shows the atmosphere, should how technically adept Alexa is and how good she is with light but above anything, it shows how cute this couple are together and how deeply in love they are on their wedding day. This is simply brilliant wedding photography and I'm sure the couple are thrilled that they found Alexa.