What a week! The awards night was a lot of fun despite many of our Farmers not being able to join us. There was lots of moaning about too much editing to do ... yada, yada, yada. The result of this is that there is a veritable plethora of gorgeous images hitting their social media this week. So it was a little hard to choose but in the end I have gone for this downright gorgeous bridal portrait at the Barbican in London from the lovely Christine Wehrmeier

I love the lines, the juxtaposition of the concrete with the trees, the sense of location and the elegance of the bride. There is so much in this frame to love and the composition is in perfect balance. The leading line of the balcony is echoed nicely by the opposite diagonal of the buildings in the distance. Very clean, very well thought out and very beautiful. This kind of shot is only achieved if you take your time and don't panic shoot, something that we try to convey in class.