So that is it for another whole year, 52 diverse, interesting, inspiring and pretty darn epic Farmers Images of the Week. So we had to end with a bang right? Well how about this one? Three different people messaged or tagged me to look at this image and who am I to argue? The very lovely Rebecca Douglas has been pulling out all the stops on her work of late and this image has it all... long exposure, smoke, OCF, Neutral Density. It is technically very adept but it's also just a hell of a lot of fun.

This week has seen some utterly amazing images come through from the Farmers and I like to think that having eyes on the prize for our Image of the Year has spurred on the creativity. That would be one of the main reasons why I started this contest in the first place. We can now look forward to Awards Night in Brighton next week and finding out who wins in the six categories as well as the overall winner. Meantime, we will be back next Wednesday with a whole new year of winners.