It is so close now to the end of this year's Image of the Week. There will be just two more winners before we close it down to select this year's winners. Behind the scenes, I've been busy gathering together the prizes for this year's winners. Like before we will have category winners plus one overall Image of the Year winner who will bag thousands of pounds worth of prizes. I will be posting about these later this week but meantime back to this week's winner. Francis Meaney is one of our Northern Irish Farmers and he has won before. This week I saw this particular wedding on Rock n Roll Bride.

I was blown away by this bride's style.. everything about her attire is just so damn fine, from the necklace to the cape and her look. In a way, our jobs are made easier when a bride makes this much effort but what I adore about this shot is the simplicity of the background and composition and how it all looks so effortless. I know this wall in Belfast, we do our workshop around there and its muted tone works really well here. This shot really shows off everything that is amazing about this bride. Now, let's have two more incredible images to round off this year please Farmers.