Drum roll please...... Wow, Image of the Week number 100. First up.. well done to all the Farmers who have won up until now. I love following all of your work and keeping an eye on how you progress. It's not always easy to be a wedding photographer, it's not always fun, or profitable, or rewarding but if you maintain your creativity through all of it, then that is what I want to celebrate with Farmers Image of the Week. If you haven't won yet, please don't be disheartened. I look at all of your Facebook posts so keep shooting and keep posting. These 100 images are the ones that stood out to me on those particular weeks. 

A big part of what we teach at Farm is that as wedding photographers we need to above everything else to be client focused. But we also teach that you can make time for the creative shots and you can set out to encourage clients to collaborate in your creative process so that they invest time in it. It could be your 'One for the Road Shot' that is your most creative, when all the required shots are done and the client lets you try something out just for the hell of it. Many of the winning images have been exactly this and here is Anna Pumer's from her last wedding. It shows fantastic use of this location and above all it is fun.