Farmers Awards 2016 // Winners

[O]nce a year we get to the end of Farmers Image of the Week and we choose individual images to win a selection of categories plus one overall Image of The Year. And of course, then we get together for a little awards night to celebrate the winners and all the Farmers’ hard work throughout the year. This year, we held the awards night in Shoreditch which was a lot of fun.

So who were the lucky 2016 winners and what incredible industry prizes did they scoop up?

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Congratulations to our very well deserved winners Alexa Clarke-Kent, Rebecca Douglas, Dan Hough, Chris Scuffins, Alexa Loy, Millie Benbow and to our incredible overall winner for 2016 Zoë Campbell.

And of course, our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful companies that donated the incredible prizes. ShootProof, SmartAlbums, The Design Space, Bob Books, Hold Fast and Wooden Banana. Extra special thanks to Loxley Colour and Folio Albums for joining us on the night and even getting a round in!