Where do I even begin? Back in Autumn last year, I came up with the idea to do an extended Photography Farm with guest speakers and a range of topics. Not as intense as the three day residential Farm but like a photography pick n mix of classes and talks. I drew up a list of my ideal guests and approached them… nearly all of them said yes. Yes to something that had never happened before, yes to coming from all parts of the world to a kooky little Farm cottage in the depths of the English countryside in the depths of winter to talk all things photography and yes to the vague vision in my head of log fires, home-made cake and photo shoots.

Penny_Martin_couple_snow_shoot_by_Sharon_Cooper_0006photo by Sharon Cooper

So we had classes lined up, now what? Well, cue lots of grief with paypal, lots of spreadsheets and quite frankly lots of wondering what had I taken on. And then the snow came just to top it all off. Argghhh, but that Farm has magic in every brick I swear. As soon as we arrived all the stress was forgotten and we had five days of intensely inspiring talks and workshops with some of the industry’s finest. Every single speaker brought a unique voice and vision and as the snow melted and the sun appeared I felt that we had been there for an entire season. I felt that the clouds of winter and the old year passed by and made way for new energy, new inspiration and an excitement for the year ahead.

Photo by Emma Lucy Photography

photos by Emma Lucy

It was also the first time I had attended other photographers workshops and I realise that that is the point of them…. yes you might have gaps in your practical knowledge that you need to fill in but the best workshops are about filling you with inspiration to develop your own voice and vision. This year is going to be amazing at the Farm, we are all geared up for the first Photography Farm of the year on the 19th~21st of March and it’s going to be the best one yet.

Thanks to every single person who came to Farm Week and made it through the snow from all parts of England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Russia & America ~ Thanks for all your amazing feedback. Special thanks to my official Farm Elves Neil and Zoe, the unofficial chauffeur Sassy, Eliza who saved me more than once, my photo husband Adam, Brooke & Tavis who made us all fall in love with them, Melissa for blowing our design minds, Rich who spent his birthday with us, Shell for bathing us in her light, Kirsty for sharing her incredible journey with Wonderland, The Blogcademy girls for bringing the glitter, Scott for his awesome law talk and Stewart for his amazing business mind plus fabulous taste in wine, all our models and Elbie for making them beautiful, Hannah for the best cake ever and special thanks to Kat for her wise words at times of need and continued support and friendship. HUGE thanks to our sponsors, Photoshelter, Awesome Merchandise and Folio albums. Right, who is on for same time next year???

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