Photographers come to us for education and community. But over the years, we’ve come to realise that we are also rather good at connecting them with other brands. Great things happen when we are all in the same room. FarmShop aims to bridge the gap between full on conferences and small workshops, it is primarily a learning event but we do have some space for SPONSORS. And we have thought long and hard about how we can make it worth your while.

While Day One is an intense learning focused experience, we do have gaps at lunchtime and at the end of the day when we host an informal social in the same space. Sponsors really come into their own on Day Two though and a big part of the focus is the Sponsor Stage which runs all day. We have limited space for sponsor stands at both venues and can also take virtual sponsors.

When + Where?

25th and 26th of March in LONDON and then repeating the entire event on 28th and 29th of March in GLASGOW

And We’d Love You To Be There


Fer Juaristi (Mexico)

Frøydis Geithus (Norway)

The Crawleys (UK)

Jim Pollard (New Zealand)

Jennifer Moher (Canada)

The Lawsons (UK)



(a virtual presence across the entire event)

  • linked ad on the Photography Farm website
  • company info or branded items in the goody bags
  • inclusion on the event page
  • logo on event banners and signs
  • mentions across our social media
  • opportunity to donate a prize in advance of the event as part of its promotion
  • 10 minute time slot on the Sponsor Stage on Day Two

THE RAD £750 per venue or £1500 for both venues

(all of the above plus a physical presence at either or both events)

  • stand in the social areas of the venues
  • one hour time slot on the Sponsor Stage on Day Two


in addition we have further opportunities for you to promote your brand throughout the event. All these extras are for you to promote your company and we are not looking at any fee beyond your costs and happy to chat about how your company can fit in with us.

  • we could display your company in the welcome areas
  • you can sponsor lanyards or wrist bands
  • you could sponsor the welcome drinks on the evening before or at the wrap party
  • how about a round of ice-creams or beers for everyone at break time?
  • an instagram contest throughout the event

Like the sound of this? Of course you do!  Get the ball rolling right now >>

  • Average Age 25-35.

  • The majority do not have formal education in photography.

  • Instead they are self-taught and seeking the fast track.

  • 30% are from Europe outside of the UK.

  • 5% are based in the US.

  • They are community minded, active on social media and looking to find their niche in the more creative and alternative parts of the industry.

  • They invest in their brand and products that they perceive to have provenance and that will help them to stand out in a busy market.