Creating Wes Anderson Vibes in Wedding Images – Image of the Week #396

This week, I’ve selected this shot from Natalia Case as I know this building well – it’s in my home city and I’ve shot weddings there but I confess that I’ve never noticed this part. Yet I really love the colour and as Natalia says, it does give off Wes Anderson vibes. I love the composition and how the couple are framed in the arch with the dress filling the space.

As this building states that it has been standing since 1695, it predates when the Royal Pavilion was built and Brighton even existed. There would have been a small town built around the mackerel fishing industry and I imagine this was an Inn that serviced visitors before it became popular to visit the seaside to take ‘the cure’ – basically a dip in the sea and a visit to the various watering holes that sprung up.

This building has seen a helluva lot of history and changes. As the Pavilion was built and a trainline down from London was established, Brighton grew around the existing buildings like this one. It’s still a party town now and it is very proud to be the ‘unofficial gay capital’ of the UK.

Natalia’s couple might not have chosen the Hotel Du Vin for its history, they probably chose it for the great food and stylish decor but their wedding day was just one day out of many thousands that the walls have seen. It’s quite something to think about, right?

Nikon D800 | Sigma 35mm | f/2.5 | 1/4000| ISO 400


What Natalia Said…

“This was my first ever solo wedding. The couple did not want to stray too far from their venue, the Hotel Du Vin and so close by surroundings gave me the inspiration for this particular shot. The exterior to the hotel is stunning. With its symmetry and pastel hues, it gives off Wes Anderson vibes.

I positioned the couple in the centre of the doors and fluffed out the gorgeous dress. They were both a little awkward and nervous to start with. To direct them away from this, I just prompted them to tell a funny joke to each other. This, combined with my dad jokes helped to make them feel less self conscious and I was able to create this shot.”