If you are ever in doubt, keep it simple. That’s something that I think a lot with photography. Simple nearly always works well but you do need to ensure that every element is done well as there is no hiding place.

On first glance this Bride and Groom portrait from Emma Kenny looks simple enough but it is a masterclass in perfection. The couple are centrally composed, the lines are all 100% straight but there is no distortion on the subjects, the lighting is even but not so flat that they do not pop out from the background. They are both rigid and relaxed at the same time, formal but informal – not one thing is out of place or superfluous in the frame.

Judging by their wedding day looks, I’d say that simple perfectionism is their jam and Emma has delivered it in abundance.

Canon 5D Mk IV | Canon EF 35mm f1.4L II | f/2.2| 1/1600| ISO 800


What Emma Said…

On Thomas and Amanda’s wedding day, we had the opportunity to stop off at Portview Trade Centre, an old linen mill in East Belfast home to many creative businesses. Amanda works for Lines and Current, a beautiful jewellery brand based there so we were able to get special access to the building. On the top floor there is a vast open space with large grid windows that I was aware of, so I knew this would be incredible backdrop for some photos. I love the contrast of the elegant and classic Thomas and Amanda against the industrial and weathered space.

The day itself was overcast (very typical in Ireland!) however the large windows gave off a beautiful diffused light and the height of the windows meant their faces were well lit too. I wanted to make sure the vertical lines in the image were straight, so I made sure in post-processing to adjust the transform tool. At my own peril, I’m a perfectionist when it comes composition!