Creating Intimate Couple Portraits Out In Nature – Image of the Week #434

This image from German photographer, Björn Lexius might not be the first couple shot in front of an Icelandic waterfall that we’ve seen but it is the first one that I’ve seen with a shirtless male couple. For this reason, it stood out in my feed and it feels more daring than most shots in similar locations.

I know that if I was there, I’d be wrapped up in many layers as I hate to be cold but by asking them to undress, Björn is showing them in a more natural state out in nature. The interlinking of their arms might be to keep each other warm but it also creates the impression of both strength and intimacy at the same time.

There’s a sense of quietness against the contrast of what must have been the noisy rush of water from the waterfall. The beanie hat is adorable and adds a colour spot in the centre of the frame.

It sounds like there was a high level of trust between the photographer and these clients. If this is one image from shooting over four days, then I’m sure there are many more incredible shots that will signify this special time for them.

Sony A1 | Sony 35mm 1.8 | ISO 200 | F/2.0 | 1/640
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What Björn said…

“This shot was taken on a four-day elopement in Copenhagen and Iceland, while this shot was taken in Iceland. Beforehand, the two guys had asked me if I was comfortable with taking shots of them that would be a bit more intimate and less dressed, so when we shot at this waterfall, I asked them to take off their shirts. It was really cold and windy, but that’s what I wanted – to get them to warm each other up with their body heat.

Dare to ask your couples for things you have been thinking about and not hesitate because they might think you’re crazy. In the end, it’s their decision and they can always say no. I came to learn that if I told my couples in advance I might ask them for weird things, and they are always fine to say no, the creativity flows way better.”