Creating Impactful Group Photos at Weddings #393

Many photographers struggle when it comes to group photos. It’s understandable – guests at a wedding just want to enjoy themselves, they are not always that willing to participate in a photoshoot. However, if your couple have seen impactful group photos in your portfolio then they may well get people on board for shots that are more conceptual than a simple lineup.

As someone who used to shoot bands, I love doing them and I love seeing other photographers do them well. There is fun to be had with the dynamics between the subjects.

With this shot from Lauren at Lit Photography, I like that the bride is standing. This gives us a chance to see her dress full length and for her bouquet to carry the colour theme through the entire central line.

This composition is pleasingly balanced and makes great use of the space and the available light.

Yes, Lauren confesses that she didn’t use the ideal camera settings. With subjects at different levels, ideally you would want more depth of field, however, it allows the couple to be the main element in this shot.

Sony A7III | Sony 35 1.4 | f/1.4| 1/250| ISO 400

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What Lauren Said…

I was blown away by Dublin City Hall and the styling of this wedding. The couple were so cool and they loved the editorial style. After the ceremony we made the most of the backdrop.

I’m the least technical person ever and you’ll see from my settings I actually had them wrong. I should have had a higher f stop because of the depth in the image. But thanks to Sony, I got away with it.

I love these types of images for the layers so when I’m setting them up I try to add different levels vertically and horizontally and find the symmetry where I can. Also because of the side light I was conscious of where people’s heads were to avoid as many shadows as I could.