Creating A High Fashion, Same Sex Wedding Editorial Shoot – Image of the Week #405

Even though weddings are getting busy again, we are still seeing photographers get involved in shoots that are about getting creative and putting out work to elevate their portfolios.

SHOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SHOOT is a mantra that I preach at Farm. What you are outputting directly affects what couples you are attracting. These shoots are your chance to show what you are passionate about as well as getting playful with the styling etc.

For me it’s the use of the veil here that takes the styling to another level. It’s not often we see them on male presenting people and I love how much romance and swagger it brings to this look.

But like many of our winning images, the connection between the couple is also strong. That’s not been overlooked in the pursuit of style, add in perfect composition and this image really shone when I saw it over on Sam Bennett‘s Instagram account.

Canon 6d Mark II | 50mm f1.2 | f/2 | 1/1600| ISO 100

own preset

What Sam Said…

“The concept of this shoot was all about being bold and ditching classic boundaries in weddings, whether that be for the striking colour scheme, makeup or the outfit choices. We wanted to do something out of the ordinary and encourage couples that a wedding can break tradition.

The motivation to put this shoot together was work towards showing love in all types of couples, to continue to show and promote an openness to all kinds of people.

Being a huge indoor plant lover myself, we were shooting outside when this gorgeous greenhouse caught my eye I had to ask the venue coordinator if we could use it! Due to the sweat running off of all of our heads in there, we had a very limited time to shoot in there so I had to pull out my best lines to make the couple laugh and quickly pose the couple and show off that stunning veil.”