Creating A Dramatic City Rooftop Wedding Image – Image of the Week #397

What is it about city rooftops? They are just so iconic when it comes to photo locations and if you can get access to one for a wedding couple shoot then fair play. The reward is dramatic views but if you don’t just want rooftops and sky, you need to find some additional height for your position so that you can take in more of the city.

I am not great with heights, so this is not a shot that I would ever create. So I am in awe of the efforts that Lena Sabala went to in order to produce this image. I saw the BTS stories and it gave me the fear. However it was worth making the additional effort as the city really shines in this shot.

However what is really special is that Lena has taken extra care to ensure that the couple are framed in that arch so that they are not lost in the scene. It is harmonious and celebrates Bothe their relationship and their connection to the city.

Canon EOS 6d mkII | Canon EF24mm 1.4 | f/4 | 1/640| ISO 100

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What Lena Said…

“It was one of these Scottish days when you’re losing hope for a bit of light when it unexpectedly appears.
We were shooting in The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh city centre. The hotel is great and it has access to a rooftop. When we got there the sun came out, so I simply knew it was a ‘now or never’ type of moment.

I’m sure you all know that feeling of pressure which drops out of nowhere when you know ‘this is it!’, that’s the place, the light… don’t screw it up hahaha, and in Scotland… oh well, you need to act fast. Light is not waiting for us here to set up everything, find the right angle etc.

I had noticed a metal, wet, ladder which took me up to another section of the rooftop (yep… I’m a risk-taker when I shoot). I climbed there, and framed symmetrical photo ‘which always works’.

From the top, I had a way better perspective on the city and the light on buildings played beautifully. I like the arch of one of the buildings which framed the couple.

You may say ‘the kiss’ pose, the rule of thirds, symmetry it’s all cliche. BUT… maybe it’s cliche only for us – pushing creativity to its limits (and sometimes our healthy capabilities). Sometimes a simple frame rocks.

And yeah… Thanks to Patrick my boyfriend and 2nd shooter who helped me to get down from that rooftop hahaha I would probably still sit there if it wouldn’t him I can rely on <3

Small advice. Keep in mind not only the photographed ‘object’ but what’s between you and the object and what’s behind it. Every photo has 3 plans, not just the couple.

If you go for symmetry – be sure that the image is symmetrical as f***. One step to the right or one step to the left can make big difference and change an okayish photo into a great one.”