so just pull on YOUR FACE, pull on your feet and let's hit opening time down on fascination street

Funny thing.. this teaching workshops game. I actually feel like I'm still learning.. like ALL the time so what I want to teach constantly evolves. Above all else I want people to leave my class, buzzing about their own work, excited to shoot and with a personal action plan that they are super fired up about putting into action. I don't think this can be achieved if we stick to our comfort zones all the time. As part of the creative process you should at points fell out of your depth and challenged. 

One of my challenges for training other photographers is finding subjects to help us out. I believe that hands on practical learning is more stimulating than just listening all day, so to show how I shoot couples, we need actual couples. Now they don't always come forward. I need them on a weekday in certain locations and every now and then someone pulls out at the last minute or we simply don't get anyone who can be where we need them to be. 

So when this happens, I will hit the street. There are couples around us all the time. Lunchtime daters, day trippers, old loves, new loves and just met last nighters.. I think that if we can take a decent, connected couple shot of strangers in the street, then we can easily work with clients. Does approaching strangers terrify me? For sure but then after, when I get the train home and I see a commuter couple kissing on the platform, I kinda want to approach them too. So huge thanks to all these lovers who gave up a little bit of their time in Shoreditch for us...