Can My Wedding Photography Business Survive Lockdown?

How are you holding up, are there points where you are wondering if your wedding photography business can survive any more lockdown time? Last week I heard of yet another wedding photographer throwing in the towel on their business that they’ve spent so long working for. I’ve had peers come and ask me to provide a reference for their first CV they’ve written in ten years. I see couples in Facebook groups cancelling their September 2021 weddings already. I get it, I really do. The pressures we’ve all faced in the last ten months have been completely (yep, you guessed it) unprecedented. Left out of government help, with no clear path to when we’ll be able to return to business as we know it. Home schooling alone is enough to bring anyone to their knees.

It’s completely normal in times of hardship to re-evaluate what is important to you, and necessity may have forced your hand to other ways to bring home the bacon. But I truly believe that this time has been a gift to some many of us, for many different reasons. Like with our last post – Maintenance Mode for Your Business – if you’re able to flip things on their head, this can be an incredibly valuable time for your business. Never before have we had the time to really spend time getting to the bottom of our to-do lists and tidying up those areas of our businesses that are often neglected. But how do we look to the future, when it’s so unclear as to how it’s going to pan out?

Marry Now, Party Later

Despite fears among couples, the birth of the micro-wedding is currently bouyant, with many going for the ‘marry now, party later’ mentality. With numbers limited, the images for these couples have even more gravitas than ever, so make sure you’re positioning yourself for these couples, new and old. Read more tips on booking micro-weddings here.

To 2023 (and beyond)

OK it might seem like the actual future, but with so many couples WFH together and their social lives reduced to Zoom-calls, never before have they had as much time to be planning their weddings together. Normally, this sort of break for couples is limited to the Christmas holidays (which is why you’ll often see a flurry of enquiries in Betwixmas) but with this stretching into February and beyond, make sure your marketing is capturing those couples who are really forward planning.

Valentine’s Day proposals 

While normally you’d be recharging your batteries ready for the start of the season, it’s time to get your ducks in line and make sure you’re making the most of the key proposal dates with your marketing. Much like the lockdown baby boom (you have diversified into doorstep family portraits…right?) with this January being so dire for so many people, I predict a run on Valentine’s Day proposals this year – make sure you’re at the forefront of couples minds when they make the most of all those loved-up endorphines and start their excited planning.

Press your reset button

Maybe this time has made you realise quite how much you were missing your weekends, or you just don’t know how on earth you managed to fit in 50+ weddings in 2019 and still be a functioning human. We’ve all had to do that hard slog, but what if it’s time you took your business forward and got some of that work-life balance back? I’ll let you in to a little secret – I take most of August off every year so I can have a summer break with my family. Wild, right?

If you know where it is you want to go, but you’re not sure how to get there, I’m thrilled to announce that my next mentoring cohort is now open! A three-month program designed to finally turn your business around into something that’s thriving, not just surviving. My photographers are getting outstanding results, booking up to 12 weddings off the back of the changes I helped them implement. Yes, even in the middle of a pandemic! How amazing is that?

If you’re interested in finding out more, the first step is very easy and 100% free. Just book in for a 30 min, no obligation chat with me. I want to understand what your current issues are and see if we both think this will help you.

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