Brooke Davis

You know when you flick onto twitter because you are bored and want a distraction? I did this one day and saw a tweet from the fabulous Alexa Dent saying that she couldn’t stop looking at some photographs. Meh… may as well click and see, maybe it’s kittens dressed as Star Wars characters? Well, what I saw utterly took my breath away and of course I immediately DM’d Kat at Rock n Roll Bride who said ‘I know, I am looking at them right now’. The images were from a styled shoot, a ‘Non Wedding’ of super cool couple Whit and Colby. But it wasn’t their hipness or even the way the images were shot that was quite so remarkable, although both are beautiful ~ It was how the images managed to so deeply express that couple’s relationship that I felt they were my friends and I knew them really well. I could hear their voices and their record collection. This is all done by conveying the everyday, the mundane but all the time revealing their story. You know that time in a relationship when you are so into each other that you want to spend every possible minute with them? You can’t walk past each other without touching and you make time for lingering in the tub together. I had never seen this emotion so poignantly captured in wedding images and the other stand out thing about them is they are just so damn sexy. The shot of them snogging while he is cooking the eggs? Yeah he can cook me eggs any day, phew!

The photographer was Brooke Davis, I immediately cyberstalked her to find out more and look at her other work. Wowzers I was blown away, and it really made me rethink some of the things I want to focus on with my work. Kat approached Brooke to feature the shoot and it certainly got a lot of attention. Some folk didn’t really get it and focused on how it wasn’t a real wedding but it was one of the realest things I’ve ever seen in this industry of frou frou and sparkles.

When it came to creating the line up for Farm Week, I put together my top three possible guests including Brooke who lives in Utah. I was so super excited that she agreed to join us and her classes sound amazing. The Friday masterclass is almost full so we have decided to repeat it on Sunday the 27th. See here for all the details.