Balancing Mixed Light Sources For a Cinematic Feeling In A Wedding Image – Image of the Week #423

Bernadeta Kupiec is a photographer that we’ve long admired. She has an incredible eye and an extraordinary ability to fill a frame with narrative. She has attended a few Farm events and been through my Mentoring Programme and I feel so proud to watch her progression in both the industry as a whole and in achieving her personal goals.

In this industry, taking great images isn’t enough. You also have to be great at marketing, at getting your work seen by the right couples for you. Sometimes mentoring is about helping really talented people define what they are trying to achieve.

I always think of it like this – you don’t get in a taxi and just say ‘Take me to town!’ They need a defined destination from you. Being precise about where you are trying to get to, and clarity on what that looks like for you is much more likely to bring you success than just hope alone.

Bernadeta wants to elevate her business and book high-end elopements. She is investing in creating portfolio images that will help her to get to that level. This image is so arresting. The leading lines of the corridor, draw our attention to the model’s connection to the camera and serene expression. The balance of the mixed light sources gives it a wonderful cinematic feel and intrigues the viewer, leaving us wanting to know more of this story.

Canon R6 | Canon 35mm/1.8 | f2.2 | 1/4000 | ISO 2000
Own Preset

What Bernadeta Said…

“This picture was taken during the Legacy Workshop (the workshop I’ve been dreaming to attend for a few years). The corridor where the model was standing was beautifully lit by the light coming from the chandeliers (warm light) and the natural light falling from the window where Dolce was standing. The model stands in front of the window (she is lit from one side by natural light), in the middle of the corridor (to get a nice symmetry).”