How to Balance a Landscape Couples’ Portrait – Image of the Week #398

This image from the wonderful Scottish photographer Emma Lawson was nominated for Image Of The Week by another Farmer who said they just loved its simplicity. I think it’s one of those images that looks deceptively simple. It’s the very considered composition that makes this an exceptional photo.

It can be easy to let these dramatic landscapes dominate a frame but Emma has taken the time to try a few positions and found one that allows the setting to be the balancing elements that lead the eye to the subjects.

Her tones here are also very pleasing and the landscape feels muted and the couple pop out against it. It is a technically adept shot that also delivers big on the romance.

Canon R6 | Canon 35mm f/1.4L II USM | f/5.6 | 1/2500| ISO 400

Custom preset made by Northern Presets

What Emma Said…

“This image was taken at the very end of the shoot at the Kings House Hotel Car park. As is so often the case it was a wild and wet day in Glencoe and when I turned to look at the sky I loved how atmospheric it was looking, like a painting. The couple were already very cold and wet so I only have a few frames here but I am so glad I got them to run into this scene and be part of the vista.

I don’t consider myself a very technical photographer so to make sure I’m happy with shots like this I will shoot them at a variety of heights, standing, standing on something, crouching, sitting on the ground etc. This was shot from low down with a slight upwards angle which to me composed the couple perfectly in the overall scene. I’m definitely an over-shooter but I think that’s fine if you walk away with the image you wanted.”