It's December already.. how on earth did that happen? I feel like this year has flown by but I do love Christmas. I already have my tree up and am looking forward to some family time and a break before the challenges of a new year. Of course it's lovely to get some nice little gifts at this time of year so I'm compiling this list of Awesome Christmas Gifts for Photographers. You might see something in here for your photographer friend, or for yourself as an end of year bonus.. that is a thing right? Or just pass it on to your nearest and dearest along with a few hints. So crack open the Baileys and have a peek at some great presents for all budgets.



THE QCAMERA, THE QSHOP £150 The world's first social media camera, it's from Sweden, is 3G enabled, waterproof, has a 24mm f2.4 lens, a built-in ring flash and nine ready to use filters. It might not produce the best quality images but it's super portable, fun and unlike your smart phone it won't be wrecked if you drop it in the loo while trying to perfect that mirror selfie.



THE TERRIFIC PROJECT BUSINESS WALL PLANNER £10 Working for yourself can be tough when it comes to having someone to support you along the way or praise your achievements. there is no Lord Sugar to send you to a nice spa when you have pulled off something successfully. So the lovely Veronica Dearly has designed some office products including this fabulous wall planner that promise to inject motivation, hope and joy into the everyday. It's like having your very own cheerleader.

HT_01_T01_7125L_NX_X_EC_0UTILITY CAMERA BAG MARKS AND SPENCERS £35 Ok, this is just called a camera bag but actually it's pretty cute and would be perfect for a compact system, or for taking out your DSLR with one lens. I like the little pockets for memory cards, lip balm, travel card etc and it's a great price.



STELLA MCCARTNEY FOR CANON LINDA BAG AND EOS 100D WHITE £1200 Selfridges So if money is no object for you, how about this chic combo? Stella McCartney has designed a sweet little camera bag that holds Canon's tiny DSLR and the white version is available as a special edition with the bag. Come on Santa, I've been really good this year.



SUBSCRIPTION TO PHOTO PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE £42.75 How about the gift that keeps on giving?.. All year in fact and who doesn't love getting something in the actual post? Photo Professional is a great read each month and regularly features contributions from our mentors and the Farmers. You save a bomb on the cover price and you will know that the recipient will think of how lovely you are at least once a month!

41SFqAYJNBL (1)CAMERA PENCIL SHARPENER £15 I already have this and it keeps my pencils super sharp, plus it's quite, quite thrilling turning that little handle.

INSTANT CAMERA CHEESE SLICER £20 Haha! Talk about a cheesy photo! If you have been unable to slice your cheese before, then this is the gadget that you have been waiting for.

PHOTOSHOP FRIDGE MAGNETS £10 Us photographers spend a lot of time with these little boxes so why not have a set for your fridge too... even if it is just to stick up pictures of your pet dog?



FUJIFILM SHARE SP-1 PRINTER £160 A tiny little printer that creates credit card sized images straight from your smart phone. You can stick these on your fridge with your photoshop magnets #winwin


FUJI INSTAX MINI 90 CAMERA £160 It has retro charm, six different shoot modes and is party ready to shoot instant photos.



CUSTOMISED CAMERA KEYRING £6 Have a seasonal message engraved on the back of this cute handmade keyring. Mine would say.. 'Stop Losing Your Flippin' Keys'.


 PARIS CAMERA PENCIL CASE £6 Pencils? Pah! How about make-up, cash, cards, phone? You can use this this ace little case for anything you fancy and it glitters! Oh la la!




FINALLY, GIVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER LOVED ONE THE GIFT OF INSPIRATION AND EDUCATION £50-£500 At Photography Farm we have lots of learning that can help the photographer in your like, how about a month in The Barn our online training & resources? Or we can offer classes at Farm Week in the New Year to give their business the boost it needs.